Towards a Sustainable Future of the Łódzkie Region

Launch of the European FRONTSH1P Project

Uniejów, Łódzkie Region: Yesterday, an international consortium of 34 partners from 9 European countries got together in Uniejów for the kick-off meeting of the FRONTSH1P project. During the next four years, led by the coordinator K-FLEX Polska, FRONTSH1P will contribute towards the continuous transformation of the Łódzkie region to one of the leading European regions in the circular economy.

In light of the major contemporary challenge of climate change – not least the reason behind the just ended 2021 United Nations Conference in Glasgow –, FRONTSH1P will do its bit by steering the Łódzkie region towards decarbonisation and territorial regeneration by the demonstration of Circular Systemic Solutions. Four such solutions will be implemented in four targeted economic sectors in the region during the project: Wood Packaging, Food & Feed, Water & Nutrients, and Plastic & Rubber Waste.

These Circular Systemic Solutions directly respond to the challenges faced by the Łódzkie region – turning combating climate change into a possibility for economic growth and the creation of new jobs. FRONTSH1P will thus be to the direct benefit of the Łódzkie region. It will furthermore closely collaborate with the regions of Campania (Italy), Sterea Ellada (Greece), Norte (Portugal), and Friesland (the Netherlands).

FRONTSH1P is funded with a maximum grant of € 16 112 118,01 by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme. We are proud to have been funded under this recent call, as one of only four projects amongst 92 applicants.


For more information, please contact EURADA, the projects communication partner.

European Association of Development Agencies – Rue Montoyer 24 B, 1000 Brussels

Giacomo FRISANCO, Project and Communication


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