A FRONTrunner approach to Systemic circular, Holistic & Inclusive solutions for a New Paradigm of territorial circular economy

The FRONTSH1P Circular Economy Action Plan

Authors: Iwona Adamkiewicz & Katarzyna Woźniak  The goal of the FRONTSH1P project is to ensure the green and just transition of the Polish region of Łódzkie towards decarbonisation and territorial regeneration through the demonstration of highly replicable...

The Digital Tools that will Help Make the Circular Economy a Reality

Author: Fabio Magrassi In addition to the work on citizen and stakeholder engagement and impact assessment, WP7 of the FRONTSH1P project is also responsible for the development of a digital platform/tools. At the heart of WP7 lies the development of a powerful...

Social Participation vs Citizen Engagement

Author: Magdalena Mirys The challenge facing the municipality of Parzęczew – implementing the idea of circularity in the municipality – requires the involvement of many actors of social life, from the public authorities and its organisational units to residents and...

Circular Citizens for a Circular Future!

Authors: Aimee Forcada, Luca Polidori In recent years, the critical role of people in transitioning towards a circular economy has become increasingly apparent. The choices and behaviours of citizens as consumers can significantly influence future sustainability...

WP7: Driving Circular Economy Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Author: Fabio Magrassi This newsletter focuses on Work Package 7 (WP), which is responsible for deploying a citizens and stakeholders engagement methodology and tools around the Circular Systemic Solutions: Involving circular economy brokers; Developing a methodology...

FRONTSH1P General Assembly Leeuwarden

Author: Carmela Navarro Medina On the 13 and 14 June, the fourth General Assembly of the FRONTSH1P project took place in the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The event was a defining moment where all members of the consortium came together to present and discuss...

About the Project

The project is centred in the Polish region of Łódzkie. A region that on the one hand, traditionally heavily relies on coal extraction, and on the other hand, has pioneered circular (bio)economy since the early 2000s. The region has always been in the forefront of innovation and has become one of the leading regions in the field of circular economy. In the next 4 years, FRONTSH1P will contribute to further the green and just transition of the Łódzkie region away from its current linear economic foundation, towards the region’s decarbonisation and territorial regeneration. It will do so by demonstrating four Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS. Each CSS targets an economic sector that is aiming towards decarbonisation: Wood Packaging, Food & Feed, Water & Nutrients, and Plastic & Rubber Waste. Each developed circular systemic solution will furthermore be highly replicable. A feat that will be proven during the project by their implementation in four other European regions: Campania (Italy), Stereá Elláda (Greece), Região do Norte (Portugal), and Fryslân (the Netherlands). Through the development of the circular systemic solutions, FRONTSH1P will create Circular Regional Clusters that involve a wide range of local, regional, and national stakeholders, both from the public and private spheres, guaranteeing that no one will be left behind.

Our team

We are a team of 35 partners from 9 European countries. We are comprising public regional authorities, both large and small and medium enterprises, research institutions and technology centres, NGOs, and European associations. Therefore, we are ourselves a well-balanced consortium already representing key stakeholders within the value chain of circular economy and the identified fields targeted by the circular systemic solutions.

In Short

the FRONTSH1P project is the pilot that during the next four years will steer the Łódzkie region, Campania, Sterea Ellada, Norte, Friesland, and hopefully many others, towards a more circular and sustainable future.

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