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Welcome to the 1st Newsletter of the FRONTSH1P project

In this issue you will find out what FRONTSH1P is all about. We start with a summary of the project’s kick-off meeting last November and then focus on explaining the four main outcomes – Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS), each targeting an economic sector that is aiming to decarbonise: Wood Packaging, Food & Feed, Water & Nutrients, and Plastic & Rubber Waste.






The beginning of a long and beautiful journey




Last November, 34 project partners from nine European countries got together in the cities of Uniejów and Łódz, Poland, for the kick-off meeting of the FRONTSH1P project.


In the upcoming four years, FRONTSH1P will contribute towards the continuous transformation of the Łódzkie region to one of the leading European regions in the circular economy.



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CSS1: The cruise of wood packaging residues. Once a waste, now a resource

The first CSS focuses on the valorisation of wood packaging waste through refurbishment, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, and material valorisation, thus creating a new value chain.

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CSS2: Regional agro-industrial waste as new resources

The second CSS aims to transform food, agricultural, and municipal biowaste into circular bioproducts (biodegradable bio-lubricants, compostable bioplastics, bio-oils, animal feed, lignin, compost, and biomethane).

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CSS3: A circular systemic solution for cleaning and reusing liquid and gaseous wastes using microalgae

The third CSS will demonstrate a closed water cycle with the goal of reusing wastewater more than once and cleaning it before giving it back to the environment, all the while extracting nutrients and producing bio-stimulants from the wastewaters.

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CSS4: K-FLEX’s approach for a circular economy system

The fourth and final CSS will promote and apply a circular approach to industrial and urban plastic waste to produce sustainable insulating materials, increasing energy efficiency at affordable costs and decarbonising the foaming processes by utilising neutral CO2 instead of fossilbased blowing agents.

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This newsletter is the result of work undertaken as part of the of the FRONTSH1P project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037031.


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