FRONTSH1P LOOP Cluster Circular Week 2023
October 30, 2023

Author: Carmela Navarro Medina

Embarking on a journey towards a sustainable future, the FRONTSH1P project took centre stage on 26 October at the prestigious 6th annual Circular Week 2023. This dynamic event, spanning from 23 to 29 October in the heart of Poland, it a global event where the spotlight shines on circular economy and sustainability. At its core, Circular Week advocates to the concept of a waste-minimized economy, endorses sustainable business practices, and cultivates collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

The workshop, named “Demonstrating the circular economy in Europe’s regions – creating Circular Territorial Clusters and developing Circular Economy Action Plans” featured a two-part structure. In the first segment, the four projects comprising the LOOP Cluster (Agro2Circular, CIRCULAR FOAM, EcoeFISHent, and FRONTSH1P) delved into the challenges and obstacles they encountered while striving to implement circular systemic solutions within their respective regions.

The event featured a panel of representatives from the four projects: Patryk Bialas and Dorotha Pawlucka from CIRCULAR FOAM; Aran Blanco and Rafael Ataz from Agro2Circular; Stefania Truffa from EcoeFISHent; and Ewa Kochańska and Justyna Trippner-Hrabi from FRONTSH1P. Our panellists are part of FRONTSH1P project partners Pro-Akademia and University of Lodz, respectively.

The second part of the event involved a round table discussion where the various projects, along with the engaged audience, had a valuable opportunity to share their unique approaches and express concerns related to the discussed topics. This dynamic conversation delved into critical issues such as the challenges of replicating circular solutions across different social, regional, and environmental systems, as well as the associated costs of circularity from a sustainability perspective. It was a stimulating and insightful exchange of ideas.

During Circular Week 2023, FRONTSH1P was also prominently featured in two additional events, with Bart Volkers of Circulair Friesland, another esteemed project partner, taking the stage. Bart presented a compelling case for the significance of multihelix structures in driving Circular Economy (CE) initiatives across EU regions. He showcased the success story of Friesland and the innovative strategies of Łódzkie Innovation Boosters, integral to the FRONTSH1P project. His central message underscored the effectiveness of bottom-up approaches spearheaded by companies. This approach serves as a promising path to expedite the transition to a circular economy, echoing our efforts in other FRONTSH1P regions.

In summary, FRONTSH1P’s active engagement in Circular Week 2023 showcased our commitment to sustainability and circular economy. The workshop and discussions illuminated region-specific challenges, while Bart Volkers’ insights highlighted the power of bottom-up approaches. These valuable lessons reinforce our dedication to advancing circularity and sustainability across the regions.