FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!
May 2, 2024

Author: Jerome Friedrichs

As part of the FRONTSH1P’s endeavours to bring the concept of circular economy closer to European citizens, the project partners have been busy in the past months developing an e-learning platform that will soon be launched to the public!

E-learning can be a powerful tool to support lifelong learning activities, thus aiding in the reskilling of workers, empowering citizens, and boosting knowledge transfer. The aim of the FRONTSH1P e-learning platform will specifically be to raise social awareness of the circular economy and to familiarise citizens with circular economy practices, including the actions of FRONTSH1P.

The platform will offer individual courses on important macro-topics related to the circular economy that each contain multiple modules that can be completed in under 30 minutes. The courses available at launch will be:

  • Introduction to the Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy Principles
  • Circular Business Models
  • Circular Systemic Solutions
  • Governance
  • Circular Finance
  • Challenges and Solutions


Created on the basis of Moodle, e-learning contents will be available in English, Polish and possibly further European languages with a particular focus to ensure accessibility (e.g., mobile devices).


More information will follow closer to launch that is scheduled to be in June 2024!