WP7: Driving Circular Economy Innovation for a Sustainable Future
July 24, 2023

Author: Fabio Magrassi

This newsletter focuses on Work Package 7 (WP), which is responsible for deploying a citizens and stakeholders engagement methodology and tools around the Circular Systemic Solutions:

  • Involving circular economy brokers;
  • Developing a methodology to generate impacts through an evaluation of proposed solutions that considers and quantifies several circular/sustainable criteria;
  • Simulating further developments and innovations applied to the proposed systemic solutions in the cluster with the objective to highlight their potential, which could be further exploited through the implementation of policy, environmental, social, economic and financial tools;
  • And simulating the replication potential of circular systemic solutions in other regions.

WP7 plays a pivotal role in ensuring a green and just transition for the Polish region of Łódzkie, aiming to decarbonise and regenerate its territory through the demonstration of highly replicable circular systemic models. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, and circular economy that can cater to the needs of the involved regions.

The Essence of WP7:

WP7 is a critical component of the FRONTSH1P project because it will help to ensure that the proposed circular systemic solutions are widely adopted and have a positive impact on the Łódzkie region and beyond. By engaging citizens and stakeholders, WP7 will help to raise awareness of the benefits of the circular economy and create a demand for circular products and services. The methodology developed in WP7 will also be used to assess the impact of the proposed systemic solutions, which will help to inform future policy decisions.

  • Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement: A participatory approach is key to FRONTSH1P’s success. WP7 deploys a methodology and tools that actively involve citizens and stakeholders, including circular economy brokers. By understanding their needs and perceived constraints, we can tailor our circular systemic models to align with the region’s specific requirements, ensuring a more sustainable and inclusive approach.
  • Evaluating Impacts for Sustainability: As we transition to circular economy practices, it is essential to assess the impact of the proposed solutions. WP7 develops a comprehensive evaluation methodology that takes into account various circular and sustainable criteria. By quantifying the impacts, we can identify the most effective strategies for achieving a circular economy and work towards meaningful change.
  • Simulating Innovations for a Greener Tomorrow: Innovation lies at the core of our endeavours. WP7 sets out to simulate developments and innovations within the Łódzkie Region’s cluster of circular initiatives. By showcasing the potential of these systemic solutions, even virtually, we can encourage policymakers and stakeholders to embrace circular practices and foster positive change.
  • Replication Potential for Wider Impact: One of our primary goals is to create a model that is not only effective locally but also capable of replication in other regions. WP7 assesses the potential for transferring successful circular systemic solutions to different areas, promoting circularity on a broader scale. By sharing best practices, we contribute to the advancement of circular economies across Europe.

Collaboration among the various work packages is at the core of FRONTSH1P’s holistic approach. WP7 collaborates closely with other work packages, enhancing the overall impact and success of the project.

  • WP2: WP7’s citizen and stakeholder engagement efforts complement the Circular Governance Model developed in WP2. By involving all actors and fostering collaboration, we create a strong foundation for the transition to a circular economy.
  • WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6: The evaluation methodology developed in WP7 is invaluable in assessing the impact and effectiveness of the technological and non-technological solutions proposed in WP3, WP4, and WP5. Together, we ensure that our solutions are both sustainable and viable.
  • WP8: WP7’s simulation of developments and innovation provides valuable insights for WP8, aiding in the development of a circular economic business model that supports the replication of successful circular models in other regions.

Challenges Faced and Future Outlook:

The main challenge facing WP7 is the need to engage a wide range of stakeholders, including citizens, businesses, and policymakers. This will require a significant investment of time and resources, but it is essential to ensure that the proposed circular systemic solutions are widely adopted.

  • Engaging Stakeholders Effectively: Ensuring active engagement from citizens, businesses, and civil society requires thoughtful planning, communication, and inclusivity.
  • Accurate Impact Assessment: Developing a robust methodology to accurately quantify the circular and sustainable impact of proposed solutions is a challenging yet vital task, and we continually refine our methods to ensure accuracy.
  • Balancing Innovation and Replication: Finding the right balance between innovation and replication potential is crucial to create scalable and impactful circular initiatives.
  • Socio-Economic Recovery: We remain committed to supporting the Łódzkie Region’s socio-economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis through sustainable and circular approaches.

WP7 is a critical component of the FRONTSH1P project and will play a key role in ensuring that the proposed circular systemic solutions are widely adopted and have a positive impact on the Łódzkie region and beyond. The work of WP7 will help to raise awareness of the benefits of the circular economy, create a demand for circular products and services, and measure the impact of the proposed systemic solutions.

FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!

FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!

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