The FRONTSH1P Circular Economy Action Plan
July 28, 2023

Authors: Iwona Adamkiewicz & Katarzyna Woźniak 

The goal of the FRONTSH1P project is to ensure the green and just transition of the Polish region of Łódzkie towards decarbonisation and territorial regeneration through the demonstration of highly replicable regenerative circular systemic models and solutions that address the current challenges and needs of the region, transforming them into opportunities for economic growth, social inclusion, decarbonisation of systems of production and consumption, improvement of the quality of life for citizens, and reconnection between the urban and rural context.

In order to achieve the objectives stated above, the Circular Governance Model and the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) for the Łódzkie region need to be elaborated. The frameworks for both documents are based on the assumptions adopted in the FRONTSH1P project and in regional strategic documents such as The Development Strategy of the Łódzkie Region 2030 and the action plan developed in the scope of the REPLACE project. Both the Circular Governance Model and the CEAP are crucial for the proper deployment of the circular economy in the region because they provide essential guidance and facilitate the transition.

The Circular Governance Model establishes a framework for coordinating and aligning efforts among various stakeholders, including government entities, businesses, and civil society. It ensures that there is a unified approach and collaboration across sectors, enabling effective implementation of circular economy principles and practices. In the FRONTSH1P project the Circular Governance Model will serve as the basis for creating and developing a permanent Circular Regional Cluster.

The Circular Economy Action Plan outlines a set of actions, initiatives, and policies tailored to the region’s context and priorities. It provides a roadmap for policymakers, giving them clear guidance on the steps needed to foster the circular economy. The CEAP sets the foundation for developing and implementing supportive policies that promote resource efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable production, and circular business models. In the case of the FRONTSH1P project, the CEAP will enable deployment of four highly replicable, modular and scalable Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS) for territorial regeneration based on a multi-stakeholder approach putting citizens needs at the centre of development.

Both the Circular Governance Model and the Circular Economy Action Plan encourage active engagement and involvement of various stakeholders. They create platforms and mechanisms for dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing among government agencies, businesses, academia, and community organisations. By involving multiple stakeholders, the models foster collaboration and collective action towards achieving circular economy goals.

The implementation of these documents generates economic benefits for the region. The transition to a circular economy stimulates innovation, job creation, and the development of new business opportunities. Circular business models, resource-efficient practices, and the circular supply chain create economic value, enhance competitiveness, and drive sustainable economic growth.

FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!

FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!

Author: Jerome Friedrichs As part of the FRONTSH1P’s endeavours to bring the concept of circular economy closer to European citizens, the project partners have been busy in the past months developing an e-learning platform that will soon be launched to the public!...