3rd Newsletter of the H2020 FRONTSH1P Project
August 1, 2022



July 2022




Welcome to the 3rd Newsletter of the FRONTSH1P project

This third issue of the FRONTSH1P newsletter focuses on Work Package 3 (WP) of our project, which deals with the first of our four Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS), concerned with the valorisation of wood packaging residues. The six articles on WP3 give you an overview of the task, explore some of its core technologies – gasification and post-combustion capture -, offer new perspectives on one of the central “wastes” in the process (char), and lastly describe the synergies between CSS1 and the other work packages as well as the issues and barriers faced during the work.






CSS1: The Cruise of Wood Packaging Residues




Wood is one of the most common materials used in industry for packaging mainly due to its versatility, strength, durability, reusability, antibacterial effects, no need of chemical treatments and theoretical low environmental impacts.


FRONTSH1P CSS1 proposes the implementation of an innovative and circular solution for the valorisation of wood packaging residues, which will not be considered as mere waste anymore, but as valuable resources.



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Gasification: the Technical Core of CSS1




Many of us have heard the term “gasification” before. The word itself reminds us of a process converting something non-gaseous to something gaseous. More specifically, gasification converts a solid, such as lignocellulosic biomass, to a gas (syngas or producer gas) composed of several species, mainly carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.



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Char: the “Black Gold” of CSS1




In CSS1, low-quality wood packaging residues are gasified in order to obtain renewable thermal energy to provide heat to industrial and domestic utilities. However, during gasification, not only gas is produced, but also char, a black powdery material representing up to 10% of the initial mass of the feedstock.



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Post-Combustion Capture: CO2 Capture in CSS1




With the aim of valorising wood packaging waste, FRONTSH1P CSS1 encompasses the design, construction and operation of a gasification plant combined with a gas burner for heat generation and a post-combustion capture (PCC) unit for CO2 capture.



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The Synergies between CSS1 and other Work Packages




CSS1, implemented in WP3, aims at developing a circular economy concept based on the valorisation of wood packaging waste (e.g., pallets) through refurbishing, reusing, recycling, energy recovery, and material valorisation. All CSSs are strongly interconnected and therefore creating a well-developed network of data and material exchange which depends on each other to close the loop foreseen by the application of a circular approach.



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CSS1: Current and Future Challenges




The challenges inherent to the CSS1 of the FRONTHSH1P project span from the nitty-gritty of the technical aspects to the interpersonal engagement activities at the core of the broader implementation plans. It is no surprise that setting out to create and nurture a new value chain is not an easy task. The partners and stakeholders involved in FRONTHSH1P will be confronted with several potential threats to the timely development of the project.



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This newsletter is the result of work undertaken as part of the of the FRONTSH1P project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037031.


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FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!

FRONTSH1P e-Learning Platform soon to be launched!

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